Navigating career pathways doesn’t have to be hard.

Careers always start with a job. Without help and guidance, understanding how to navigate and grow a job into a career can feel overwhelming. But good information can go a long way to understanding the pathways to achieve career success. In our Navigating Careers panels, Houston employers and their employees discuss the careers available and how to grow and be successful. The employees also share the skills they have and need – or developed through training or mentorship.

Each panel discussion features a regional employer with opportunities good career opportunities that require some education and skills development beyond a high school diploma but not a four-year college degree. Panelists describe how they got their start in the industry, their educational pathways and further skills development opportunities they’ve completed. Sessions also include demonstrations of activities they do on the job.


Mike Jones, Group 1 Automotive senior vice president of aftersales, Eliseo Rosa, master Toyota technician, and Melissa Frieden, manager of aftersales, detail their day-to-day roles and described how having a growth mindset, communication skills, and strong digital skills help accelerate careers available to them at Sterling McCall and Group 1 Automotive. They also discuss the company’s internship, job shadowing, apprenticeship, mentorship and manager training programs. Recorded in partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston.